Life Update – We Moved to Kentucky

Life Update – We Moved to Kentucky

Hey lovelies!

After what feels like the longest journey EVER, I thought I would share a family and life update today with you.

Our family is officially back together and settling nicely into our new home in Kentucky! 

When we first announced over here that we were moving, I never imagined it would take us 8 months to get moved and that our family would have to spend so much time apart.

But I’m SO thankful that we’re all back together and I truly could not be more happy with our new place here in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. 

What I’ve been up to…

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to for the last little bit, the last several weeks have been chopped full of packing up, moving from Georgia to Kentucky, deep cleaning our new home that I swear hadn’t been cleaned by the previous owners in YEARS (lol), unpacking the essentials, and doing LOTS of painting and updates. 

And in the most perfect timing, my last week in Georgia and first week in Kentucky were spent deathly sick, and I threw my back out lifting boxes so that was SUPER fun.

Thankfully, I’m ALL better now and back to feeling like myself again and my husband and I have been working hard around the house and making it our own. 

We’re still not even close to being finished with all the home projects we want to do and we still haven’t yet unpacked everything, but we’re making a little progress every day, and I’m SO happy here. 

I’ll be sharing a new home post once we’re finished, and I can’t wait for you to see all the awesome before and after photos.

Feeling Oh So Blessed

We truly could not have been blessed with finding a better home and property, and I’m so thrilled to be living out in the country again with privacy and THE MOST beautiful view all around. 

Lately I’ve been waking up and watching the sunrise on my porch with a cup of coffee and it’s just so incredibly peaceful here. 

We’re surrounded by horses, cows, and gorgeous trees and flowers, and there’s truly no place I’d rather be with my family. 

I imagine my boys are going to make so many incredible memories here and I know our family is going to be very happy here.

My husband and I have worked hard for this for so many years and it feels really great to finally see your dreams come to fruition.

I know it might sound cheesy but for the first time, it finally feels like we’re truly at our forever home. 

What’s Next for the Blog

As for the blog, I’m going to try my hardest to get back to my regular posting schedule on here and my Youtube channel, but we’re still waiting on our Internet to be installed and the company said it could take up to 20 days!

Not having internet has definitely been a little rough in The Owens’ Household, but in all honesty I’ve enjoyed checking out and unplugging for the last few weeks, and getting settled in here and enjoying time with my family is my priority right now. 

Anyways, that’s all the updates I have for now, but I hope all of you are healthy, safe, and well, and I’ll catch you in the next blog post! 

Thanks for stopping by! – Cara

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