10 Eye Makeup Tips Every Woman Must-Know!

The best makeup tips for the eye have to include the overall picture eyes project, and that starts with the eyebrows. Not too thin, as it was in the 50’s, not too bushy as it was in the 90’s and definitely not a uni-brow.

The brow should not draw attention to itself, it has to compliment the eye.

The inner line of the brow should start in line with your nose. The easiest way to determine the line is to hold a pencil facing north from your nostril to the eyebrow.

The outer line of the eyebrow should be in a direct line to the side of the nostril. And the highest point of the brow should be where your pupil is when you look straight ahead.

Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop!

10 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

  1. Shape and fill out your eyebrows. Don’t overdo it. The purpose is to enhance the color of your skin under your brows, not instead of having a brow. If your brows are plucked to death and new hair does not grow, consider permanent makeup in a form of a tattoo, done by an expert.
  2. The key to great eye makeup is to start with a “blank canvas” as much as possible. Use a concealer on the upper lid to even out the skin and eliminate the appearance of small veins, and use it under the eye to conceal those under the eye black circles. The concealer is a good base for the shadow and will prevent it from accumulating in the eye creases.
  3. You can create an eyeliner from your favorite powdered eyeshadow. Use a small slanted and hard brush, wet it slightly and dip in the powder. It is that easy. Create a delicate line at the base of the eyelashes, starting from the nose and going outward. Do the same with the bottom lashes, but start from the middle of the eye and go outward. For smokey eyes effect, make the lines thicker and smudge them a bit with a Q tip.
  4. To make your eyes “pop”, here’s a trick makeup artists use; apply your lightest eyeshadow on the inner side of the eyes, where the eyelids meet (how to apply eyeshadow). That is called a “highlighter”. Continue with your selection of eyeshadow. Experts use at least 3 colors; the lighter one on the space below the eyebrow (the edge of the eye socket). The medium color goes on the lid and the third color connects the two. It can be done in many shapes according to personal taste. Make sure the colors blend well into one another, creating a natural transformation.
  5. For wide-set eyes it is smart to reverse the order and use the darkest color in the inner side of the eye, continue with the medium color to the end of the lid. Then add the lightest color on the center of the eyelid and of the outer corner up to the brow.
  6. Curl your lashes. It will open the eye up. Use an eyelash curler that has been heated for a few seconds by a hairdryer. Make sure the curler is not too hot, it can burn and damage your lashes. Apply mascara after you have curled your lashes. If you do it the other way around, the mascara will become sticky with the heat and you could tear some of them out.
  7. When you are done with those steps, clean up all imperfections. Q tip dipped in makeup remover will remove spots. Make sure to remove eyeshadow powder from your lashes.
  8. If you woke up with puffy eyes (home remedies for dark circles) and you have an important place to be in later in the day, try reducing the puffiness with used tea bags by placing them, a bit moist, over cotton balls on the eyelid, or taking some time to sit with cucumbers on your eyes. When all else fails consider this: Prep H. Yes, the hemorrhoid cream… it reduces swelling, doesn’t it? It’s not so radical if you dedicate a tube just for this purpose.
  9. Try to draw attention to one part of your face. If you have beautiful lips and you are wearing red lipstick, tone down your eye makeup. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If your eyes are your strongest suit, wear a paler shade of lipstick.
  10. Remember: your eyes are the windows to your soul. They should fit your personality. That is the best eye makeup tip I have ever received.

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