Eye Stye: Causes & 7 Best Home Remedies to Treat Eye Stye

Eye Stye: Causes & 7 Best Home Remedies to Treat Eye Stye

Eye stye is basically a skin disorder. It is a problematic condition that refers to the development of a red bump inside or under the eyelid. In some cases, this soft red bump is even situated at the base of an eyelash.

Medically, this skin disorder is known by the name Hordeolum.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Stye

Main Causes of an Eye Stye

If you wonder what causes an eye stye, here is the answer. Partially medical, partially in a “normal” language. Human eyelids have certain oil glands inside them. These oil glands are medically known by the name meibomian glands. An acute infection of meibomian glands can result in clogging, thereby causing the skin disorder known as Hordeolum or eye stye.

Clogging of oil glands is the most common cause of an eye stye disorder.

At the base of your eyelashes, eye stye condition may develop if hair follicle causes infection. This infection also aggravates the condition very quickly. A large number of eye stye cases are a result of Staphylococcus aureus.

As the infection grows, the condition tends to get more complicated. Eyelids may suffer from inflammation at this stage. That is the time when stye begins to develop in the area. It is also known as blepharitis.

Eye stye under a child's eye.

If you wonder “what does eye stye look like”, here is the image.

Types of Hordeolum

  • External Hordeolum
    – It refers to the stye condition that develops at the base of eyelashes. External Hordeolum is mainly around a hair follicle of the eyelids.
  • Internal Hordeolum
    – It refers to the stye condition that develops as a result of blocked oil glands in the eyelid.

Eye Stye – 7 Effective Home Remedies

If you’re looking for a cure or effective way to treat an eye stye. It’s good to know that An eye stye will usually take care of itself. Sooner or later, it will rupture and give you immediate relief from painful symptoms if any at all. As far as self-care of eye stye is concerned, you have to consider certain hygiene issues only.

Read on to learn about some popular home remedies to treat eye stye.

  1. Applying a hot compress for at least ten minutes can be very helpful.
    You should repeat this process at least three-four times on a daily basis. It will help you to reduce the pain to a great degree. Within a few days, eye stye will be resolved. Rupture of the eye stye happens a lot earlier due to repeated “hot compress”, thereby giving you quick relief.
  2. Some people prefer to use warm tea bags to deal with eye stye problems.
    Dip a tea bag in a cup of warm water and place it on top of the stye. Leave the warm tea bag on top of the stye for a few minutes. You will notice that the size of stye begins to reduce drastically when you repeat this procedure. Teabag has tannic acid inside it. It is due to this acid that eye stye shrinks in size. The size of an eye stye may reduce to half of even more than that.
  3. You can also use clove spices to deal with eye styes problem.
    Rub some clove spice in the water at first. Now, apply them on top of the eye stye. It can give you immediate pain relief.
  4. Some people prefer to use herbal remedies to deal with an eye stye problem.
    For example, you can place the pulpy side of a slit aloe leaf on top of the eye stye. Aloe leaf’s paste is known to have superb healing properties.
  5. Take a cup of clean water and add one tablespoon of coriander seeds to it.
    Boil this mixture. This mixture is a superb eyewash solution. Rinse your eyes at least three-four times a day with this homemade eyewash solution.
  6. Alum aid is a very famous home remedy for treating eye stye.
    You just need to dissolve two-three pieces of alum in a cup of water and use this mixture as an eyewash. Rinse your eyes with the mixture few times a day to see quick results.
  7. Acacia leaves are also known to cause a healing action.
    You can prepare a concentrated extract of these leaves. Boil some leaves with a little water. This extract can be used as a compress for the eyelids affected by eye stye.

Symptoms of eye stye can be a bit painful. However, there is no need to worry too much about it. Within a few days, this condition is healed automatically when an eye stye is finally ruptured.

However, it is important not to ignore eye stye conditions. You may try out some home remedies in the beginning. If needed, you should also consult a doctor for expert consultation and treatment.

Some eye stye cases have been reported where medical and surgical procedures became a necessity.

In most cases, stye is not going to cause any sort of damage to your eyes. The need for surgical procedures or medical treatments is a very uncommon occurrence. Intraocular damages due to eye stye are highly uncommon.


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