From Pixies to Undercuts: Get Inspired by These 19 Boyish Haircuts for Women

From Pixies to Undercuts: Get Inspired by These 19 Boyish Haircuts for Women

Unleash the inner rebel and embrace the feminine strength with these boyish yet chic haircuts for women! Breaking the conventional norms of femininity, the 19 trendy haircuts on this list range from pixie cuts to bold bowl cuts.

These haircuts are not just trendy but also radiate a sense of confidence, liberation, and absolute cool. Time to break free and join the revolution of self-expression with these stylish cuts! 

This style guide caters to those bold women who dare to defy the traditional definitions of beauty and wish to showcase their personality.

19 Boyish Haircuts for Women

Trendy Hairstyles for Short Hair Rebels

Hairstyles for women cover a vast spectrum, ranging from trendy short hair to rebelliously long tresses. A woman’s hairstyle brings out her personality and style.

Nowadays, short hair is gaining popularity due to its low-maintenance and a sense of self-confidence it sends out to the world. Let’s explore the world of beautiful ‘boyish’ style haircuts, that everyone loves and so will you!

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Blond Woman with Beautiful Haircut

Experience the elegance and beauty of a pixie cut, a bold and stylish haircut that embodies sophistication. This hairstyle is both contemporary and timeless, exuding a sense of confidence while highlighting the beautiful features of a woman’s face in a truly unique and captivating manner.

Short Shag (Tomboy Crop)

Short Shag, Tomboy Crop hairstyle for women

Embrace your inner rebel with a short shag hairstyle, a versatile look that blends daring flair with femininity. Commonly known as the ‘tomboy crop’, it is a trending hairstyle that implores individuality and style. If you’re planning to cut your hair short for the first time, this hairstyle is just perfect to reinvent your look.

French Bob

Messy French Bob, Amelie style women hairstyle

This hairstyle I will always relate to one my my favorite movies, and a beautiful character of Amelie, played by Audrey Tautou. This trendy haircut, often referred to as the messy boy cut bob, is taking the fashion world by storm. It offers a blend of sophistication, edginess, and undeniable charm that is quintessentially Parisian.

And yes, I know, I know, it might not look exactly like Amelie’s haircut, but someway, at least for me it so reminds me of it, so please allow me to call it this way.

Flat Bob with Bowl-Style Bangs

Woman with a bowl cut haircut with long sides.

Sleek sophistication of the modern French bob hairstyle, re-imagined with a stunning twist – flat Bob with bowl-style bangs. This edgy interpretation of the classic merges old-world charm with contemporary fashion, giving you a head-turning style statement. 

Short and Sleek

Short and Sleep Female Haircut

For women that want to seamlessly blend elegance and boldness. For those seeking a look that’s manageable yet exudes style, grace, and attitude, these chic cuts capture the perfect balance of sophistication and fashion-forward thinking.

Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Women's Hairstyle

The mushroom cut, often recognized as a hallmark of vintage fashion, is making a glorious comeback. This iconic hairstyle, characterized by its distinct shape and long bangs, has transcended beyond a mere trend and has raised its status as a timeless classic.

Modern Quiff

Woman with a Modern Quiff Hairstyle

The modern quiff is a popular hairstyle that combines the classic 1950s look. This versatile style features shorter hair on the back and sides with a longer top, allowing individuals to vary its height and shape according to personal preference and current fashion trends.

Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut Hairstyle

A tapered cut is a daring hairstyle, often seen as short and bold. It involves hair strategically shaved on certain areas, mainly toward the back and sides of the head, while leaving other parts longer. This progressive transition from long to short gives it a distinctive, stylish appearance.

Vintage Bowl Cut

Vintage (retro) Bowl Haircut for Women

The bowl cut, once considered retro, it’s now a popular choice for women seeking a minimalist yet chic look. Its simple, striking design radiates a unique blend of old and new charm, illustrating the timeless appeal of past trends.

Short Bob, Shaggy Haircut

Short Bob Shaggy Hairstyle, beautiful woman with a Beatles-like haircut.

The Short Bob Haircut is a stylish, low-maintenance hairstyle, I often call the classic Beatles-like look. It features a shaggy texture that adds a touch of edginess, making it perfect for those wanting a chic, easy-to-manage hairstyle that requires minimal effort to look great.

Choppy Boy Cut

Choppy Boy Cut

Hairstyle, perfect for women to get a rebellious, yet elegant look, especially when involves different hair colors (like platinum blonde on top). It is an edgy hairstyle with more hair length on top and shorter, choppier layers throughout the rest of the hair. Embodying an audacious spirit, it marches towards a bold and daring fashion statement.

Super Short Undercut Pixie Hair

Super Short Undercut Pixie Hair

A super short undercut pixie hair is a bold and modern style that is gaining popularity. It features super short pixie cuts on the top layer of hair while the bottom is shaved close to the scalp. It’s perfect for individuals who want a low maintenance style, yet want to exude a strong, confident persona.

Exquisite Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Exquisite Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

An extremely bold yet elegant hairstyle. The Exquisite Pixie Cut with Long Bangs, often considered boyish, is very feminine in nature, it radiates an overwhelming aura of confidence and sophistication. Long bangs add a feminine touch that complements the short, edgy cut, creating a perfect balance of audacity and grace.

Effortless Bob

Modern, Effortless Bob Hairstyle

Effortless Bob is a perfect hairstyle that embodies the best of both worlds. It combines the elegance of long hair with the convenience of short hair. With its refined yet simple allure, it allows versatility in styling while maintaining the lightness and manageability for everyday wear. Its trendy yet timeless appeal makes it a popular choice around the globe. 

Flat Mohawk

Flat Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk hairstyle, traditionally associated with rebellion and punk culture, has evolved into a versatile style for women. It’s distinguished by a shaved strip on both sides of the head, with a strip of hair left long and typically spiked up in the middle. This style enables women to express their individuality and boldness.

You may go for a Mohawk style, but also an undercut, leaving one side long and just one side shaved. Either way, it’s beautiful!

Sleek, Short Pixie Cut

Sleek, Short Pixie Cut

This sleek, short pixie cut is a trendy, bold hairstyle choice that is especially flattering on individuals with a round face. The contoured lines of the cut add definition and structure, contrasting beautifully against softer facial features. A well-styled pixie cut brings a chic, modern edge to any look.

Bowl Cut with Short Bangs

Bowl Cut with Short Bangs

A bowl cut with short bangs is another ideal haircut for individuals with round faces. This unique style accentuates facial features, while the shorter bangs draw attention towards the eyes. The rounded silhouette of the cut harmonizes with the face shape, offering a youthful and energetic look.

Buzz Cut/Military Style

Buzz Cut, Military Style women's hairstyle

A buzz cut is a minimalist, military style haircut that is not only popular among men but also gaining traction among women. The trimmed, uniform look offers a strong, empowering aesthetic that many women find appealing. It’s low maintenance and an edgy deviation from traditional hairstyles.


Undercut Fearless Women's hairstyle

The Undercut hairstyle embodies the epitome of edgy chic, a bold statement of individuality and strength. Imagine the fiery hue of autumn leaves, a vibrant splash of color that crowns the head, while a daring shave plays hide and seek around the nape, revealing a canvas of skin beneath. It’s a harmonious clash of tradition and modernity, where the length on top is styled to perfection, swooping elegantly to one side, caressing the cheekbone with its tapered end.

This look is for the fearless, for those who carry their style as armor, as art. It’s not just a cut; it’s a declaration, a beautifully fierce whisper that speaks volumes of the wearer’s confidence and avant-garde approach to self-expression.

Embracing the Edge: A Final Ode to Audacious Locks

In the symphony of snips and buzzes, we’ve journeyed through the artful rebellion of short haircuts, each style a testament to the fearless at heart. From pixie cuts to the statement undercuts, these hair statements are not merely trends but are badges of boldness, worn with pride. They beckon the onlooker to gaze beyond the strands and see the soul that dares to break free from the mundane.

If these cuts speak to you, if they resonate with your inner maverick, why not pin this guide to your Pinterest?

Keep it as your muse for those days when you crave a transformation, for the moments when you wish to embrace the edge and redefine what beauty means to you. If you enjoyed this read, save it, share it, and let the world see the rebel in you.

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